An Urban Nomad (Behind the Scenes our Spring/Summer 2018 Photoshoot)

An Urban Nomad (Behind the Scenes our Spring/Summer 2018 Photoshoot)
February 13, 2018 Yulia Malisaki Designer Apparel

Testing shots on the first location

Photoshooting Spring-Summer line outdoors mid of January was challenging and fun at the same time…

On Saturday, January 20ths we were very lucky it wasn’t raining despite the prognosis. The date was set in advance, the model booked, arrangements were done with the photographer and makeup artist, so there was no turning back, it had to happen on that day.

9am meeting at Yulia Malisaki office for makeup, hair, and coffee. Lucy (our model) is getting prepped by makeup artist, while photographer and myself are going through the location options and the sequence in which we would be shooting the looks.

The concept of the photoshoot was the urban nomad. We wanted to present a modern, strong, confident woman with a bit of a tomboy attitude. A woman, who doesn’t need to wear a 5inch stiletto and a bodycon dress to feel sexy.

Various locations in the city center were selected and we photoshoot 3 looks at a time, coming back to the office for makeup touch-ups and changes after every third look. It took us 6 hours to photoshoot 10 looks collection.

Urban nomad styled photo shoot

Yulia Malisaki SS2018 was presented during Athens Trade Fashion Show January 26-29th.

Model: Lucy (Top Class Management)

Photographer: Konstantinos Kostoudas

Makeup: Elissavet Megiani

Special thanks to Luigi Footwear

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